Professor Takaaki Suzuki

Area and Subject Taught Psycholinguistics, Language Acquisition
Research Theme(s) First Language Acquisition, Second Language Acquisition,
Language Processing
Academic Degrees Ph.D in Linguistics, University of Hawai'i at Mānoa
Keywords for Research Field Language Acquisition, Psycholinguistics, Syntax
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1677

Research Overview

My primary research interests fall into three areas: language acquisition, second language acquisition and language processing.

  1. First Language Acquisition: Focusing on Japanese as L1, I am investigating when/how/why children acquire their native language. My approach is primarily experimental and cross-sectional to reveal a wide range of syntactic phenomena including case, word order, voice, and syntactic categories. Recently, I am conducting experiments by using on-line methods to examine children's sentence processing.
  2. Second Language Acquisition: Most of my previous studies on L2 looked at the acquisition of English. My recent interests include binding and quantifiers, and I have started to investigate L2 from the perspective of sentence processing.
  3. Language processing: Sentence processing or parsing is my relatively new research topic. I have done self-paced reading/listening experiments on L1 children and adult L2 learners as well as on L1 adults.

Notable Publications and Works

  • Suzuki, T., and Kobayashi, T. (2017). Syntactic cues for inferences about causality in language acquisition: Evidence from an argument-drop language. Language Learning and Development 12, 1, 24-37
  • 鈴木孝明 (2015) 『日本語文法ファイル 日本語学と言語学からのアプローチ』東京:くろしお出版
  • Suzuki, T., and Yoshinaga, N. (2013). Children’s knowledge of hierarchical phrase structure: Quantifier floating in Japanese. Journal of Child Language 40, 3, 628-655.
  • Suzuki, T. (2013). Children’s on-line processing of scrambling in Japanese. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research.
  • 鈴木孝明・白畑知彦 (2012). 『ことばの習得』 くろしお出版
  • Suzuki, T. (2011). A case-marking cue for filler-gap dependencies in children’s relative clauses in Japanese. Journal of Child Language.
  • 鈴木孝明 (2011). 文法習得における第一言語習得研究と第二言語習得研究の接点 『日本語学』(特集:第一言語習得と第二言語習得)6月号.
  • O'Grady, W., Suzuki, T., & N., Yoshinaga. (2010). Quantifier spreading: New evidence from Japanese. Language Learning and Development.
  • 鈴木孝明 (2007). 単一項文の理解から探る幼児の格助詞発達 『言語研究』
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