Professor Masae Suzuki

Area and Subject Taught English Communication・English Literature, Comparative Literature
Research Theme(s) Comparative Theatre Studies focusing on Reception of Shakespeare in Asia, Irish Theatre, Okinawan Theatre and Adaptation of Noh
Academic Degrees Master of Literature, Waseda University
Keywords for Research Field Performance of Shakespeare's Plays, Ireland, Okinawa, Asia
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-3110

Research Overview

My studies were originally focused on two main areas, British and American theatre(particularly Shakespeare) and Irish literary studies (particularly W.B. Yeats). I have also been trying to introduce modern Japanese playwrights such as Noda Hideki and traditional Japanese Noh theatre in English. Then my studies have shifted in the direction of the reception of Shakespearean plays in "Asia", including mainland Japan and Okinawa. Accordingly, when asked for a summary of my current research,"comparative theatre studies" would be a more appropriate answer than "British and American literature". In fact, while there is now an increasing attention to the study of non-Western theatre performances in countries such as Japan, China and India, this study has been led by European and North American researchers, and the viewpoints of the natives of these areas have not necessarily been heard. From the standpoint of thoroughly reevaluating the significance of English and English literature education in Asia (of course, Asia includes "Japan" as well) in the 21st century, and viewing theatre studies as a mirror that reflects the present age, I believe my research will help having the "regional" voices heard in the English speaking world.

Notable Publications and Works

  1. "Shakespeare, Noh, Kyōgen, and Okinawan Shibai", Alexander Huang and Charlie Ross(Eds), Shakespeare in Hollywood, Asia and Cyberspace , (Purdue University,2009)
  2. "Who are the Japanese Othellos? : Receptions and Productions of Shakespeare in Mainland Japan and Okinawa", Kyoto Sangyo Daigaku Journal for Humanities , No.31,2004
  3. "Kindai Okinawa to Sheikusupia Jyuyo" (Shakespeare Reception and the Modernization of Okinawa, "Narihiko Nishi / Takehiko Hara (eds), fukusu no Okinawa ‒ diasupora kara kibou e ("Plural Okinawa ‒ From Diaspora to Hope"),Kyoto: Jinbunshoin, 2003 (in Japanese)
  4. "The Rose and the Bamboo: Noda Hideki's Sandaime Richaado " Performing Shakespeare in Japan , Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002