Professor Masanori Sato

Area and Subject Taught Indonesian Linguistics
Research Theme(s) Indonesian Vocabulary Originating in Japanese, Japanese Vocabulary Originating in Malay or Indonesian
Academic Degrees Master of Literature, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Keywords for Research Field Indonesian, Words of Japanese Origin, Words of Indonesian Origin
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1652
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Research Overview

I am examining the use in Indonesian of loan words originating in Japanese, from pre-World War II until the present day. So far, my research has revealed that about 300 Indonesian dictionaries contain about 180 words in all (examples: kimono, karaoke), approximately 150 textbooks contain a total of about 320 words (examples: romusha [laborer], Nippon [Japan]), and about 60 works of literature contain about 200 words (examples: kamikaze, kanji). These words have a clear tendency either to reflect unique aspects of Japanese culture, or to bear some relation to the Japanese military administration (a result of the Japanese occupation during World War II).
Recently, I have turned my attention to vocabulary of Malay or Indonesian origin found in Japanese dictionaries. I have identified a total of 220 words in several dictionaries, including 118 found in the first through fifth editions of the Kojien, such as oran utan (orangutan).

Notable Publications and Works

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  2. 論文「インドネシア語の主要な辞書に見られる日本語起源の語彙について」『インドネシア—言語と文化』(日本インドネシア学会)第13号、2007年8月、pp.60-79.
    平成17年度〜 19年度科学研究費補助金(基盤研究(C))成果報告書.
  3. 論文「インドネシアの中学校の歴史教科書に見られる日本語起源の語彙の比較研究」『インドネシア—言語と文化』(日本インドネシア学会)第12号、2006年8月、pp.72-106. 平成17年度〜 19年度科学研究費補助金(基盤研究(C))成果報告書.
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