Professor Chieko Nakagawa

Area and Subject Taught Chinese Linguistics
Research Theme(s) Chinese Lexicology, Chinese Grammatical Theory,
Formation and Linguistic Contacts of Mandarin Chinese
Academic Degrees Master of Chinese Linguistics, Osaka University of Foreign Studies
Keywords for Research Field Mandarin Chinese, Linguistic Contacts, Tonal Language, Morphophonemics, Cognitive Syntax
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1661

Research Overview

Mandarin Chinese differs from other regional varieties of Chinese in that it features a rich variety of morphophonological changes. In the formation and development of spoken Mandarin, linguistic contacts with Altaic languages such as Mongolian and Manchu exerted an influence that cannot be ignored. I am engaged in tracing the history of Mandarin from the present day back to the time of the construction of Dadu (predecessor of Beijing), on two fronts: the spoken and written language. In the study of the contemporary language, I employ Chinese colloquial speech corpus such as "Data of Present-Day Spoken Mandarin Chinese", and I am conducting quantitative research on the constraints exerted on morphology by the phonological traits of Mandarin.

Notable Publications and Works

  1. 論文「音韻特性から見た「数」に係わる接辞と量詞の機能対立」(京都産業大学総合学術研究所所報10号 2015)
  2. 報告書『(旧本)老乞大』時間詞・人称代詞 語彙索引(稿)』(編集責任、2006年科学研究費研究成果報告書)
  3. 『類義語のニュアンス』(共著 初版第5刷2004年出版 東方書店)
  4. "Chinese-Japanese Dictionary" (Hakusui Press 2002)『白水社 中国語辞典』(共編2002年出版 白水社)
  5. 論文「漢語並列構造における接続詞と副詞の接続機能」(『中国語学』242号1995)