Professor Takeshi Kobayashi

Area and Subject Taught Chinese Culture
Research Theme(s) Modern Chinese Thought and its Connection with European
Modern Civilization and the Meiji Thought
Academic Degrees Master of Literature, Osaka University
Keywords for Research Field Modern Chinese Thought, Zhang Bing-lin, Meiji Thought,Modern European Thought
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Research Overview

Until now, I have primarily been examining modern Chinese self-consciousness and the reception of modern European thought, in terms of their relationship to traditional Chinese thought. How did the meeting of traditional thought and European civilization serve to form modern Chinese self-consciousness? What role did traditional thought play in shaping the reception of modern European thought? I have been engaged in research on these themes, largely based on the work of such thinkers and scholars as Zhang Bing-lin, Liu Shi-pei, Kang You-wei, Tan Si-tong, and Wang Guo-wei.
Recently, my work is focused on the thought of Zhang Bing-lin (1869-1936), who was both a scholar of Chinese classics and a revolutionary, in terms of his relation to the Meiji thought. While Zhang Bing-lin was a master of traditional Chinese scholarship, and while it is not clear to what extent he encountered modern European thought, he absorbed modern European thought indirectly through the Meiji thought. At present, I am especially approaching his legal thought.

Notable Publications and Works

  1. 小林武「章炳麟の中国法に対する評価(下)—『五朝法律索隠』の視点—」、『中国研究集刊』珠号(総59号)、2014年12月、〔「五朝法律索隠」に見える章炳麟の中国法に対する評価を考察〕
  2. 小林武「章炳麟の中国法に対する評価(上)—『五朝法律索隠』の視点—」、『中国研究集刊』闕号(総58号)、2014年6月、〔「五朝法律索隠」に見える章炳麟の中国法に対する評価を考察〕
  3. 小林武「章炳麟『五朝法律索隠』の歴史的位置」、『中国研究集刊』號号(総56号)、2013年、〔「五朝法律索隠」に見える章炳麟の法に対する問題意識とその議論の歴史的背景を考察〕
  4. 小林武・佐藤豊『清末功利思想と日本』2011 年、研文出版、〔「自由」と「功利」という観念に対する深啓超と章炳麟の見方を、明治思想との関連から比較考察〕