Professor Makimi Kano

Area and Subject Taught Corpus Linguistics
Research Theme(s) Corpus-based Analyses of Vocabulary, Usage, and Meaning, Assimilation Process of Loanwords, Metaphor Study
Academic Degrees Ph.D. (Language and Culture), Osaka University
Keywords for Research Field Corpus,Loanwords,Word Usage,Metaphor,Semantic Shift
Office Phone Number 075-705-1659

Research Overview

I am a corpus linguist. I research on English vocabulary usages and meanings using corpora, which are large language databases. I investigate how new vocabulary such as loanwords get assimilated into English language by analyzing their usages diachronically. By using corpora, I observe various changes a new word goes through after being introduced into English. It may be used frequently with other English vocabulary and form a collocation, a prefix or a suffix may be added to it and gain a new meaning or part of speech, or it may be used as a metaphor or in a different sense from the original, and eventually it gets fully accepted as productive English vocabulary. I also use corpus analyses to discover usages that have been used by people for a long time, but never described objectively. I am involved in some dictionary revision projects to incorporate these discoveries into new editions of English dictionaries.

Notable Publications and Works

“Revealing Factors Affecting Learners’ Sense of “Difficulty” in Extensive Reading through Reader Corpora” Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences 198: 211-217, 2015.
Express Ahead, Todd, Palmer & Kano, Kinsedo, 2015.
Genius English-Japanese Dictionary 5th ed., Minamide (ed.), Taishukan, 2015.
A Practical Guide to Using Corpora in English Language Teaching, Akano, Hori & Tono (ed.), Taishukan, 2014.
“Mobile Natives: Japanese University Students’ Use of Digital Technology” Computer-Assisted Language Learning: Learners, Teachers and Tools, Gobel & Kano, 21-46, 2014.
“Japanese Teachers’ Use of Technology at the University Level” Attitudes to Technology in ESL/EFL Pedagogy, Gobel & Kano, 36-52, 2014.
“Effective extensive reading outside the classroom: A large-scale experiment” Reading in a Foreign Language, Robb & Kano, 25-2: 234-247, 2013.