Professor Shigeki Kaji

Area and Subject Taught General linguistics
Research Theme(s) African language studies, research on multilingualism, research on oral literature such as proverbs, personal names, etc.
Academic Degrees Doctor of letters (Kyoto University)
Keywords for Research Field Descriptive linguistics, African languages, language and culture
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-0938
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Research Overview

I have been developing a field methodology for studying African languages and examining the issue of language and culture from the standpoint of linguistic description. In addition, my research proactively addresses sociolinguistic themes such as the issue of national languages or the issue of minority or endangered languages. I have conducted research primarily in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire) in the 1970s and 1980s, in Senegal and Tanzania in the 1990s, and have been conducting research in Uganda since 2001.

Notable Publications and Works

  • Kaji, Shigeki 2015 A Runyoro Vocabulary. Shoukadoh
  • 梶 茂樹 2015「トーロ語における自他動詞の交替」,『有対動詞の通言語的研究:日本語と諸言語の対照から見えてくるもの』(プラシャント・パルデシ、ハイコ・ナロック、桐生和幸編), くろしお出版, pp.337-350.
  • Kaji, Shigeki 2013 "Multi-language Use and Lingua Franca Use: Two Strategies for Coping with Multilingualism in Africa", African Study Monographs 34(3), pp.175-183.
  • 梶 茂樹・小沢 剛(共著)2010 『ウガンダ・ノート』. 大和プレス.
  • 梶 茂樹・中島由美・林徹(共編)2009 『事典世界のことば141』. 大修館書店.
  • 梶 茂樹・砂野幸稔(共編著)2009 『アフリカのことばと社会−多言語状況を生きるということ』. 三元社.