Associate Professor Toshiyuki Imanishi

Area and Subject Taught Modern Japanese Linguistics, Japanese Language Education
Research Theme(s) Syntax and Semantics of Modern Japanese Language, Developing Textbook of Japanese Language Education, Japanese Language Education in the Multicultural Symbiotic Societies
Academic Degrees Master of Literature, Kobe City University of Foreign Studies
Keywords for Research Field Syntax and Semantics of Modern Japanese Language, Japanese Language Education for Specific Purposes, Easy Japanese
Office Phone Number +81-75-705-1742
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Research Overview

My research aims to describe Japanese for people who teach it, and for Japanese learners with a different mother tongue, by analyzing the various matters and phenomena of current Japanese mainly from a grammatical point of view, in order that they may more easily use and understand it. In addition, while taking advantage of the knowledge attained through the study of language itself, I am working on studies related to the development of curriculum and syllabus/educational materials in order to carry out Japanese education more efficiently, with the idea of the practice of Japanese education as a whole. Furthermore, I also consider the possibility of providing information in "easy Japanese" to foreign people who live in Japan, based on the agenda for implementation of multicultural coexistence society, and the role Japanese education should play in it. In the future, I intend to work on fundamental studies related to specialized Japanese education toward implementation of a more efficient Japanese education to meet the diversified needs of learners of Japanese respectively. It will especially focus on the creation of syllabus (draft)/educational materials that will be needed when Japanese education is implemented for foreign housework supporters, of whom further acceptance in Japan in the future is under consideration.

Notable Publications and Works

今西利之、大学生が書く「やさしい日本語」による文章の特徴について、変化する国際社会における課題と可能性(第10回国際日本語教育・日本研究シンポジウム大会論文集編集委員会【編】 香港日本語教育研究會)、41-57、2016年
今西利之、「税金」「年金」にかかわる語彙の分析 -「やさしい日本語」による文書の作成に向けて(その2)-、熊本大学国際化推進センター紀要第3号、1-15、2012年
今西利之、「公的医療保険」にかかわる語彙の分析 -「やさしい日本語」よる文書の作成に向けて-、 熊本大学国際化推進センター紀要第2号、1-11、2011年
今西利之・神崎道太郎、日本語教育初級教科書提示語彙の数量的考察、熊本大学留学生センター紀要 第11号、1-16、2008年
今西利之、熊本大学留学生センター開発教材2 中級読解演習「日本語で読もう」VOL.2、熊本大学留学生センター、2007年
今西利之、熊本大学留学生センター開発教材1 中級読解演習「日本語で読もう」VOL.1、熊本大学留学生センター、2006年