Professor Tetsuro Ikeda

Area and Subject Taught Mongolian, Manchu, Turkish
Research Theme(s) (1) Language Structure
(2) Agglutinative Type of Languages
(3) Languages of the Mongolian Plateau and Silkroad
Academic Degrees Master of Literature, Kyushu University
Keywords for Research Field Structure, Uralic, Altaic, and Japanese
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1796
e-mail E-mail

Research Overview

  1. General and Structural Linguistics
  2. Uralic and Hungarian Linguistics
  3. Altaic Linguistics (Turkish-Turkic, Mongolian, Tungusic-Manchu)
  4. The Origin of the Japanese Language

Notable Publications and Works

  1. Language and Culture Contacts. 2010. Kyoto: Kyoto Sangyo University Research Grants
  2. The Rediscovery of Eurasia. 2009. Kyoto: Kyoto Sangyo University Research Grants
  3. The Rediscovery of Comenius. 2008. Kyoto: Kyoto Sangyo University Research Grants
  4. Research in the Japanese Language ‒Infinite Possibility of Language-. Symposium Dedicated to the Centenary Birth of Shichiro Murayama 1908-1995. Edited by Tetsuro Ikeda. In cooperation with Noriko Koshimizu and Masao Yamaguchi. 2008.Kyoto: Hokuto Shobo.