Professor Morio Hamada

Area and Subject Taught Japanese Language, English Language
Research Theme(s) Contrastive linguistics, comparative and contrastive study of Japanese and English, error analysis, second language education theory
Academic Degrees Master of Arts (General Linguistics), Cornell University
Keywords for Research Field comparative and contrastive study of languages, error analysis, translation, Japanese and English, implication and application for second language education
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Research Overview

When using your mother tongue in your daily life, you are usually unconscious of its use. When learning a foreign language or translating it, on the other hand, you cannot help but be conscious of differences and similarities between your language and the target language. In addition, if you teach a foreign language, you will come across learners’ errors, and some of them are reflections of the differences between their mother language and the target language. This means that the examination of learners’ errors and translated sentences leads to your consciousness raising and objective better understanding of differences and similarities between their mother language and target language.
In my study, while making references to existing studies on individual languages, I will focus on differences and similarities between Japanese and foreign languages (mainly English) and further their comparative and contrastive studies by examining errors observed in Japanese language classrooms and translated sentences. Then, I will consider what their outcomes imply for foreign language education, materials development and translation and how to make use of the results for them.

Notable Publications and Works


  • 2002. “Context Dependency and Contextualization of Learning and Teaching − Implications from Japanese Language −” マレーシア科学大学言語教育研究会
  • 1992. 「代名詞と結束性 −日英代名詞の比較−」 大学英語教育学会関西支部 談話分析研究プロジェクト月例会
  • 1990. 「望まれる日本語学習者のための英和辞典」JACET応用言語学研究会編「応用言語学の研究」リーベル出版 pp.101-108
  • 1988. 「英語母語使用者の日本語に現れる英語的特徴」大学英語教育学会月例研究会