Professor Peter Bartlett Gobel

Area and Subject Taught Applied Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition,
Teaching English as a Foreign or Second Language
Research Theme(s) Motivation and Affect in Language Learning
Academic Degrees Doctor of Education, Temple University
Keywords for Research Field Foreign Language Acquisition, English Educational Methodology,
Learner Psychology
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1840

Research Overview

How can I become proficient in English? I believe this is a question asked by many people, and is a key question in my field of study. The areas of applied linguistics, second language acquisition, and the teaching of English as a second or foreign language deal with just such issues: how non-native learners of English acquire the language, and what methods of English education are the most effective for such learners. Within these fields, the areas of "learner psychology" and "learning behavior" are of particular interest to me. This is because I believe no teaching method will obtain positive results if the learners themselves are not motivated, or are not ready for learning. In particular, my recent research focuses on the causal attribution patterns of language learners. A causal attribution pattern, simply put, is how a learner perceives their success or failure in a particular endeavor. My recent research has been concerned with the possible correlations between causal attribution patterns, culture,gender, and learning outcomes.

Notable Publications and Works

  1. Anxiety and predictors of performance in the foreign language classroom. System 32, 1, p 21-36.
  2. Motivation and Gender in the Japanese EFL Classroom. System, 34, 2, p. 194-210.
  3. Success and failure in the EFL classroom: Exploring students’ attributional beliefs in language learning. Euro SLA Yearbook, 7, p. 149-169.
  4. Student Off-task Behavior and Motivation in the CALL Classroom. International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning, 4(4), 4-18.
  5. The impact of culture on student attributions for performance: A comparative study of three groups of EFL/ESL learners. JIRSEA Journal, 9/1, 27-43.
  6. Revisiting Studies on Causal Attribution in ESL/EFL Contexts: Towards an Alternative model for the East Asian Context. In L2 Selves and motivation in Asian Contexts. Multilingual matters.