Associate Professor Masakazu Ejiri

Area and Subject Taught British and American Culture
Research Theme(s) American Cultural Landscape
Academic Degrees Ph.D., University of Hawai'i
Keywords for Research Field American Studies, Environmental History,
Cultural Landscape Studies
Office Phone Number Not Public

Research Overview

When the inhabitants of a certain region build villages, towns and assorted structures, these creations do not only fulfill certain functions, but also reflect the thoughts, beliefs and values (as an all-inclusive term, the "culture") of these inhabitants. In other words, culture creates a landscape. It is always through a cultural filter that human beings perceive their environment, assign meaning to it, and make changes to it. The study of our environment (landscape) from a cultural standpoint is known as cultural landscape studies, and in my work I analyze various aspects of the American landscape based on the theory and methodology of cultural landscape studies. In particular, I select certain symbolically important American sites and interpret the historical process by which each one is created, and the changes it undergoes, by analyzing the political, economic and social factors involved. Also, I seek to unravel riddles of cultural landscape by reading the intentions of architects and designers inherent in the landscape, and the way in which ordinary people perceive it. In essence, my work is an attempt to comprehend the culture of America through its landscape.

Notable Publications and Works

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