Professor Masahiro Aoki

Area and Subject Taught Russian
Research Theme(s) The Use of Cases in Russian
Academic Degrees Master of Literature, Kyoto University
Keywords for Research Field Russian, Cases, Possessive Constructions, Inalienability
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1875
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Research Overview

My work deals with the use of cases in Russian, the meanings they express, and the characteristics of the use of Russian cases from the point of view of linguistic typology.
For example, I have analyzed the genitive of negation in transitive sentences and in intransitive sentences, and examined the characteristics of case markings in the genitive of negation from a linguistic typology standpoint. Currently I am researching the difference of the four constructions expressing "possession" in Russian (constructions in which the genitive case, the dative case, the accusative case, and the y [ … at] + genitive case, are used to indicate the possessor of something), and the positioning of each of these constructions as seen from a linguistic typology point of view. To begin with, I examined three constructions, the genitive, the dative and the accusative, and determined the frequency with which each of them is used with reference to a body part (in other words, the object is an inalienable one.) The findings indicated that the occurrence of inalienability increases progressively from possessive genitive constructions < possessive dative constructions < possessive accusative constructions. In addition, I found that the magnitude of the effects of action on the possessor increases in the same order. In future, I intend to further clarify the connection between levels of "inalienability" and "magnitude of the effects of action" for the various cases, including the y + genitive construction.

Notable Publications and Works

  1. The Use of the Constructions "Glaza Nataši blesnuli" and "Glaza u Nataši blesnuli" in Russian, Slavonic Studies , 21, 2006. (in japanese)
  2. Split Case Marking in Russian: the Genitive of Negation, Gengo Kenkyu: Journal of the Linguistic Society of Japan , 110, 1996. (in japanese)。