Professor Minoru Takeuchi

Area and Subject Taught Immune Cell Biology
Research Theme(s) Experimental Medical Research on Immune Mechanisms of Smoking and Tumor
Academic Degrees Doctor of Medicine, Kyoto University/Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Ph.D., Yamaguchi University
Keywords for Research Field Immunity, Cancer, Smoking, Alveolar Macrophages, DNA Damage, natural product
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1926
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Research Overview

DNA damage of alveolar macrophage by smoking

We are focusing on cigarette smoke, which is currently attracting attentions as an environmental problem, hence are investigating to elucidate the effect of smoking on the relationship between smoke and pulmonary immune cells, particularly alveolar macrophages, and pulmonary epithelial cells. Smoking has been shown to increase production of active oxygen by alveolar macrophages, which induce DNA damage in these cells, and it has also been demonstrated that their immune functions such as antigen presentation and cytokine production are impaired. It has been suggested that these inhibitions in immune functions are related to the incidence of smoking-related pulmonary epithelial cancer and tumor cell proliferation, and we are investigating this relationship and“ making a science for smoking. ”Since the fact that immune functions are suppressed by smoking and tumor growth, we are also investigating the mechanisms whereby immuno-enhancing substances may act to restore suppressed immune functions.

Notable Publications and Works in the Last Three Years

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  3. Shigeyoshi E, Takeuchi M. Effect of jungle honey on function of antibody production and its mechanism. ACTA HUMANISTICA ET SCIENTIFICA UNIVERSITATIS SANGIO KYOTIENSIS. 2013;42:21-52
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