Professor Nobuhiro Nakamura

Area and Subject Taught Cell and Developmental Biology
Research Theme(s) Study on the Roles of Organelles in the Developmental Systems
Academic Degrees BSc, MSc, PhD
Keywords for Research Field Golgi apparatus, vesicular transport, cell cycle
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-3018

Research Overview

The Golgi apparatus is situated at the center of the vesicular transport pathway. It is an organelle where secretory and membrane proteins and some glycolipids are synthesized and modifi ed. The Golgi apparatus inspects the quality of the synthesized and modified proteins and only the approved proteins are selected, sorted and dispatched to their final destinations. Our recent experimental results indicated that the Golgi apparatus plays important roles in the cell differentiation and polarization during the cell growth, death and tissue development. It is proposed that the cell somehow monitors the functional state of the Golgi apparatus and effi ciently regulates its localization and structure according to the needs of cellular functions. However, the regulatory mechanism has not been well understood. We, therefore, trying to elucidate (1) the molecular mechanism of the maintenance of the Golgi structure and its relationship with the cell cycle control, (2) the mechanism of the signal transduction from the Golgi apparatus to the cytoplasm and the nucleus, by analyzing the functions and dynamics of the proteins which are propose to be involved in the cell cycle control, cell movement and cell death using biochemical, molecular, cellular and developmental biological methods. We are also trying to fi nd (3) the role of the Golgi apparatus in the expression of the higher ordered cellular functions during embryonic and tissue development using zebrafish, which is suitable for the observation of embryogenesis and cell biological analyses, as a model organism. Especially, we are focusing on the dynamics of the Golgi apparatus and the associated proteins during the early embryogenesis to understand the role of the Golgi apparatus in the cellular morphogenesis and movement.

Notable Publications and Works in the Last Three Years

  1. Nakamura, N., Wei, J.-H. and Seemann, J. (2012). Modular organization of the mammalian Golgi apparatus. Curr. Opin. Cell Biol. 24, 467-474.
  2. Tanimoto, K., Suzuki, K., Jokitalo, E., Sakai, N., Sakaguchi, T., Tamura, D., Fujii, G., Aoki, K., Takada, S., Ishida, R., Tanabe, M., Itoh, H., Yoneda, Y., Sohda, M., Misumi, Y. and Nakamura, N. (2011). Characterization of YIPF3 and YIPF4, cis-Golgi Localizing Yip domain family proteins. Cell Struct. Funct. 36, 171-185.