Professor Seisuke Kimura

Area and Subject Taught Plant Developmental Biology
Research Theme(s) Study on the roles and mechanism of phenotypic plasticity in leaf shape
Academic Degrees Ph. D.
Keywords for Research Field Plant, Development, Leaf, Plasticity
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-3113

Research Overview

Plant can alter their development, physiology and life history depending on environmental conditions. This fundamental property is called phenotypic plasticity. The North American lake cress, Rorippa aquatica is an herbaceous perennial aquatic mustard. Typical habitat of lake cress is at shores of ponds, slow-moving streams and other quiet waters in North America. The lake cress shows phenotypic plasticity on leaf shape. In nature, the leaf shape of this plant depends on whether the plant is submerged in or emergent from water. Submerged leaves are usually deeply dissected and has needle-like blade, whereas emergent leaves are generally entire with serrated or smooth margins. This phenotypic plasticity on leaf shape is thought to be adaptive response to submergence and increase the fi tness in water's edge environment where most of lake cress populations are found. Despite the significance of this plant to study fundamental mechanisms of phenotypic plasticity and environmental responses in plants, the underlying mechanism hasn't been investigated. We investigate the mechanism of the heterophylly of Rorippa aquatica.

Notable Publications and Works in the Last Three Years

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  2. Kaoru O Yoshiyama, Kengo Sakaguchi, Seisuke Kimura, DNA damage response in plants: Conserved and variable response compared to animals, Review in special issue on “Insights from Plant Genomes”, Biology (2013) 2: 1338-1356 | 10.3390/biology2041338
  3. Kaoru O Yoshiyama, Junya Kobayashi, Nobuo Ogita, Minako Ueda, Seisuke Kimura, Hisaji Maki, Masaaki Umeda, ATM-mediated phosphorylation of SOG1 is essential for the DNA damage response in Arabidopsis, EMBO Reports (2013) 14: 817-822 | 10.1038/embor.2013.112
  4. 武内亮、中山北斗、金井良博、内山幸伸、坂口謙吾、木村成介, 植物のTWINKLEは葉緑体DNA複製に関わるDNAプライマーゼか? — アミノ酸配列の比較による検討 —, 京都産業大学総合学術研究所報(2013)8号:49-55
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