Professor Katsuhiro Yamada

Area and Subject Taught Theoretical Economics
Research Theme(s) Dynamic Adjustment, Simulation Analysis
Academic Degrees Master of Economics,Kwansei Gakuin University
Keywords for Research Field Macroeconomic dynamics,Disequilibrium analysis, Spectrum analysis
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1728

Research Overview

Equilibrium theory is still the main current in economics. As we know, the method which regards the equilibrium value as a realistic value is one of the various thinking ways. A careful examination of adjustment process rejects the neo-classical equilibrium hypothesis. Economy is not on the equilibrium value, but on moving variable. According to the chaos theory, economy may be a hoverer. Therefore, it is not wise way to imply the policy effects from the neo-classical equilibrium theory with some bias included. Research employing a dynamic adjustment process and the construction of models from more realistic factors is the only way to improve precision. The main types of models I study are discrete price adjustment models with the possibility of chaos and overshooting.
Recently, I have also become interested in models of population variation and movement. I have worked as a joint researcher in the Regional Economy Department of the Open Research Center at the Division of Economics, using a model developed under a research contract with the city of Kyoto to forecast fluctuations in regional demand based on population changes(fluctuations).
I am presently focusing on the works of F. P. Ramsey and considering problems that I hope will make a contribution to the refinement of Keynes's thinking on subjective probability.
The results of my research have been used to create an economic analysis software program called YSCP. To find out about this program, type "YSCP" or "Katsuhiro Yamada Seminar" into your favorite search engine.

Notable Publications and Works

Principles of Economics : PPT vesion, 2nd ed.,Koyo-shobo, 2011 (in Japanese).

'An Economic Analysis Using Spectrums of Population Waves,' Keizaigaku-Ronkyu, Vol.64, no.1, 2010 (in Japanese).

'Discrete Price Adjustment and Time Series Analysis: Spectral Representation of Chaotic Series,' Kyoto Sangyo University essays, Social science series 15, pp.1-24, 1998 (in Japanese).

A Study of Modern Economic Theory, Doubunkan, 1995 (in Japanese).