Professor Toshiaki Tamaki

Area and Subject Taught Economic History
Research Theme(s) History of North European Trade from the 16th through 18th Centuries
Academic Degrees Doctor of Literature, Osaka University
Keywords for Research Field Baltic Sea, Trade, Economic History, Commerce
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1715

Research Overview

The central focus of my research is commercial relations between the Baltic region and Western Europe from the 16th through 18th centuries. The Baltic region supplied Western Europe with materials essential to shipbuilding, iron, and other primary commodities-outward expansion by Western Europe countries would not have been possible without Baltic imports. Thus, research on trade relations between the Baltic region and Western Europe leads naturally to research on outward expansion by the countries of Western Europe. Nevertheless, the number of studies in this field remains quite small, both in Japan and in Europe. For my research in this field, I rely mainly on trade statistics. I hope to shed light on the realities of trade between Western Europe and the Baltic region by comparing data from a variety of sources, including transit duty data for the Sound, the strait between Denmark and the Scandinavian peninsula; Customs 3, which contains British trade data; Swedish trade statistics; and Dutch trade statistics.

Notable Publications and Works

 Economy and the North Sea / Baltic Trades, 1500-1800, Stuttgart, 2011
 A book on the connections between the rise of the Atlantic economy and the trade of North and Baltic Seas.

 The Birth of Modern Europe: From the Netherlands to Britain, Tokyo, 2009 (in Japanese)
 I argue the hegemonic transition from the Netherlands to Britain.

 Commerce and Economic in Northern Europe: 1550-1815, Tokyo, 2008 (in Japanese)
 A book on the economic history of Northern Europe from 1550 to 1815.