Professor Yoshifumi Okawa

Area and Subject Taught International Economics
Research Theme(s) International Economics and International Technology transfer
Academic Degrees Ph.D. (Economics), Kobe University
Keywords for Research Field International Technology Diffusion, North-South trade, Multinational Firm, R&D Internationalization
Office Phone Number Not Public

Research Overview

  1. Theory analysis about welfare effects of policies related to technology diffusion from advanced countries to developing countries
    Technologies invented in advanced countries are diffused to developing countries through international trade or foreign direct investment by multinational firms. Developing countries are eager for technology import from advanced countries for the sake of economic development, while firms in advanced countries try to prevent technology outflow to developing countries in order to keep their technological advantage.
    I study theory models to analyze economic effects of policies to promote or suppress technology diffusion from advanced countries to developing countries such as tightening intellectual property rights in developing countries, technology transfer requirements on FDI and so on.
  2. Theory analysis about R&D internationalization by multinational firms and R&D promotion policies
    Multinational firms are expanding not only their production base but also R&D base abroad in recent decades. While there are a lot of theoretical studies related to the establishment of foreign production base, there are few theoretical studies related to R&D internationalization by multinational firms.
    I study theory models to analyze R&D internationalization by multinational firms and welfare effects of policies for attracting foreign firm’s R&D bases.

Notable Publications and Works

2018年2月 『エコノミクス・ルール:憂鬱な科学の功罪』,白水社(共訳)
2014年1月 『グローバリゼーション・パラドクス:世界経済の未来を決める三つの道』,白水社(共訳)

2017年3月 「多国籍企業による垂直的技術移転と現地中間財企業との排他条件付取引契約選択の内生化」京都産業大学論集 社会科学系列 第34号 pp.75-104.
2011年11月 「企业间劳动转移伴随的技术流出的风险和跨国公司分公司的R&D投资」『経済経営リスクの中日比較』第12章 東北財経大学出版社
2010年10月 “Innovation, Imitation, and Intellectual Property Rights with International Capital Movement”, Review of International Economics Vol.18. Issue.5 pp.835-848
2010年4月 「外国企業のR&D活動誘致政策の経済分析」,地域学研究 第39巻 第4号 pp.823-837
2009年9月 「多国籍企業の中国におけるR&D活動とスピルオーバーの経済学」),『経済経営リスクの日中比較』第4章 サンライズ出版社
2008年4月 「途上国におけるR&D活動の国際化の決定:理論的枠組み」,彦根論叢 第372号 pp.119-140
2008年2月 “An Analysis of Income Distribution between the North and the South: The Grossman- Helpman and the Lai Results Re-examined”, Review of International Economics Vol.16 Issue.1 pp.159-172(共著)