Professor Mitsuji Okamoto

Area and Subject Taught Japanese Economy
Research Theme(s) Economic Development of Japan (Analysis of Medium- and Long-Term Issues)
Academic Degrees Master of Economics, Kyoto Sangyo University
Keywords for Research Field Human Resources, Capital Formation, Export and Import Conditions
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1601
e-mail Not Public

Research Overview

I examine both theoretical and empirical aspects of the development of the Japanese prewar and postwar economies. I am particularly interested in "capital formation," including human resources, and conditions relating to the external economy. My goal is to identify the consistent characteristics of the Japanese economy, viewed from mediumand long-term perspectives, and to clarify current and future issues in a coolheaded manner.(In addition, as part of my research on the Japanese economy, I was engaged in investigation and research on the Chinese economy. I participated in the Chinese Economy Project at the Open Research Center (ORC), a group research project of the Graduate School Division of Economics that was organized as a five-year program starting in 2001.)

Notable Publications and Works

  1. 京都産業大学ORC中国プロジェクト編『中国経済の市場化・グローバル化』2006年12月 晃洋書房(第2章執筆)
  2. 「中国への直接投資:経過といくつかの問題点について ― 99年度環日本海社会研究部会調査報告(北京・上海・大連での日系企業の訪問調査から)― 」2002年12月 新潟産業大学『経済学部紀要』No.22
  3. 「日本の高失業率は持続するか?」2000年12月 京都産業大学『経済経営論叢』第35巻 第3,4号
  4. 『混沌と錯綜:中国東北の世界』(とき選書) 1999年5月 新潟日報事業社