Professor Hidenori (Sobei) Oda

Area and Subject Taught Microeconomics
Research Theme(s) Growth and Income Distribution Theory, Experimental Economics, Experimental Philosophy, Computability
Academic Degrees Ph.D., University of Sussex
Keywords for Research Field Multi-Sector Growth Theory, Logic, Experimental Economics, Economics Education, Neuroeconomics
Office Phone Number Not Public

Research Overview

  1. Many sections growth theory: I continue studying the economy that technology progresses non-proportionally, and consumer demand escalates non-proportionally …[1]
  2. Logic: I can go ahead through formulation and the analysis of the human reasoning to think about one's thought system not only I think in one's thought system. …[2]
  3. Experimental economics: I push forward an economic experiment with a school member and the young researcher of the science system liberal arts faculty of the non-member. …[3][4]
  4. Economics education: I can go ahead through an effect of the economics education and development and the evaluation of the economics education teaching materials with a fellow worker and an apprentice of go to teach it to. …[5]
  5. Experiment philosophy: I pushed forward interchange of experimental economics and the experiment philosophy and began a new experiment philosophy study.…[6]

Notable Publications and Works

  1. Nicholas Feltovich, Atsushi Iwasaki and Sobei Oda (2012) “Payoff levels, loss avoidance, and equilibrium selection in games with multiple equilibria: an experimental study,” Economic Inquiry, <doi: 10.1111/j.1465-7295.2011.00406.x>.
  2. Nariaki Nishino, Sobei H. Oda and Kanji Ueda (2011)“Bounded Rationality on Consumer Purchase Decisions and Product Diffusion under Network Externalities: A Study using Agent-based Simulation and Experiments with Human Subjects,” Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics, 15(2), pp. 212-219.
  3. Yoshio Iida and Sobei H. Oda (2011) “Does Economics Education Make Bad Citizens? The Effect of Economics Education in Japan,” Journal of Education for Business, 86(4), pp.234-239.
  4. Yan Zhou and Sobei H. Oda (2011) "The Knobe Effect in Experimental Economics" presented at the 16th World Congress of the International Economic Association, Beijing,
  5. Sobei H. Oda (2007) “Formulating Non-proportionally Growing Economies: A Generalisation of Pasinetti's Analysis,” Bulletin of Political Economy, 1 (2), pp. 129-159.
  6. Mariko Yasugi and S. H. Oda (2002) “A note on the wise girls puzzle,” Economic Theory,vol.19, pp.145-156.”