Associate Professor Yoshitaka Kawagoshi

Area and Subject Taught Theory of International Trade
Research Theme(s) Theory of International Trade and Multinational firms
Academic Degrees Ph.D.(Economics), Osaka University
Keywords for Research Field Trade Policy, International Transportation, New Trade Theory
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-3038

Research Overview

Up until recently, the existence of international shipping corporations had rarely been explicitly incorporated into international trade theory. However, with the increase in the volume of international trade, it is becoming increasingly more important to not ignore international transportation regulations. From an understanding of these problems, I have constructed a model that explicitly incorporates the existence of international shipping corporations, and I am using this model to analyze the eff ects of economic policy on the volume and price of international shipping, and economic welfare.

Notable Publications and Works

  1. “Trade Liberalization and Environmental Regulation on International Transportation”, Japanese Economic Review, 65 (4), pp. 468-482, 2014 (Co-authored with Kenzo Abe and Keisuke Hattori)
  2. 「国際輸送からの排出と排出税・輸出税の効果」、『大阪大学経済学』、第63巻、第3号、pp.59-67、2013年。(阿部顕三氏との共著)
  3. 「国際輸送部門が存在する下での最適貿易政策」、『京都産業大学論集 社会科学系列』、第29号、pp.181-196、2012年。
  4. 『不完全競争下の貿易と投資の応用分析』 大阪大学大学院経済学研究科博士学位論文、2011年。
  5. 「直接投資がもたらす熟練労働者の賃金への影響」、『大阪大学経済学』、第59巻、第2号、pp.55-62、2009年。
  6. “An Analysis of Preferential Trade Agreements”, The International Economy, No.13, pp.79-92, 2009.