Professor Kazuhito Habara

Area and Subject Taught Theory of International Finance
Research Theme(s) Theory of International Finance, International Economics
Academic Degrees Master of Liberal Arts, University of Tokyo
Keywords for Research Field Asymmetrical World Financial Markets
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1727

Research Overview

My recent research area focus on creating a hypothetical theory of ongoing process of asymmetrical world financial markets being about. The structure of this process is partly resembles special relativity, general relativity and space physics. Asymmetrical structure leads to recurrent financial crises and boom and burst of financial markets. Explaining hypothetical theory is main goal of my research.

Notable Publications and Works

  1. “A note on inter-temporal approach to spreading negative interest rates”
  2. “A note on current account balance from inter-temporal viewpoint”
  3. “A note on mathematical structure of international financial markets”
  4. “The distorted pricing of JGB markets”:
  5. “The exchange rates as parameters among multiple frame of reference in different currency-denominated areas”: