Professor Fujio Goto

Area and Subject Taught Theory of Economic Systems
Research Theme(s) Comparisons of Various Economic Systems Including North Korea
Academic Degrees Doctor of Economics, Kyoto Sangyo University
Keywords for Research Field Reform and Market Opening, Dual Economy with Leakage
Office Phone Number 81-75-705-1948
e-mail Not Public

Research Overview

I have been examining the industrialization of North Korea in the 1950s and the economic policy of this country. I am particularly interested in whether or not North Korea will actually embark on reform and opening of its closed economy, and what the effects would be if these policies were to be taken. The foundation for this sort of inquiry is the research I have done in the past on various topics, concerning the North Korean economy: estimation of industrial production indices (1944 to the 1970s), estimation of GDP in the 1950s, agricultural policies in the 1960s, history of economic policies from the end of the World War II to the 1990s, the food crisis and agricultural policies in the 1990s, food imports from the 1990s onward, and estimation of terms-of-trade indices for trade with China.

Notable Publications and Works

  1. 「北朝鮮の改革的経済政策の変化と限界」『経済政策ジャーナル』日本経済政策学会(2011)通巻第66号、pp.99-102。
  2. 「北朝鮮の対中国貿易」『経済政策ジャーナル』日本経済政策学会(2008)通巻第60号、pp.32-35。
  3. 「二重経済モデルからみた北朝鮮経済」『現代韓国朝鮮研究』現代韓国朝鮮学会(2007)第7号、pp.18-23。
  4. 「北朝鮮の改革的経済政策と中国への金属鉱物輸出」中野守編(2006)『現代経済システムと公共政策』中央大学出版部、pp.323-341。
  5. 「1990年代前半の北朝鮮の対中国貿易」伊豆見元・張達重編(2004年)『金正日体制の北朝鮮-政治・外交・経済・思想-』慶応義塾大学出版会、pp.263-289。