Professor Hideaki Fujii

Area and Subject Taught Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
Research Theme(s) Study of Energy Economics and Sustainable Development
Academic Degrees Doctor of Energy Science, Kyoto University
Keywords for Research Field Energy Economics, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Energy Resources, Low-carbon Society, Sustainability, Energy Security
Office Phone Number Not Public

Research Overview

  1. Evaluation of Effectiveness of Various Economic Measures at Creating Low-Carbon Society
  2. Empirical and Theoretical Study on the Different Effectiveness of Incentives on Promoting and Diffusing Low-Carbon Technologies by Various Economic Measures
  3. Energy Security Strategy in East Asia
  4. Economic Partnership and Energy-Environment-Food Cooperative Framework in East Asia
  5. World Energy Demand and Supply, and its Externalities
  6. International Energy Markets and Energy Industries

Notable Publications and Works

(著書)『エレメンタル マクロ経済理論』共著,晃洋書房,2016年。(in Japanese)

(著書)『入門・エネルギーの経済学』単著,日本評論社,2014年。(in Japanese)

(著書)『信頼と安心の日本経済』共著,勁草書房,2008年.(in Japanese)

(著書)『ロード・プライシング 理論と政策』共著,勁草書房,2007年.(in Japanese)

(著書)『東アジアのエネルギーセキュリティ戦略』単著,NTT出版,2005年.(in Japanese)

(著書)『エネルギー産業の変革』共著,NTT出版,2004年.(in Japanese)

(著書)Stares, Paul B.(ed.), Gao Shixian, Hideaki Fujii, Lee Myung-Kyoon Rethinking Energy Security in East Asia, Japan Center for International Exchange, 2000. (in English)

(論文)Hideaki FUJII(2016). ‘Current condition and issues of Japan’s policy of renewable energy: Barriers for new comers of renewable energy power business,’ 京都産業大学総合学術研究所『総合学術研究所所報』vol.11, pp.55-87, 2016.(in Japanese)

(論文)Hideaki FUJII(2016). ‘The development and issues of production function approaches as an environmental evaluation method’, 公益社団法人 日本交通政策研究会『社会的費用便益分析の研究』第1章, 日交研シリーズA-660, pp.1-21, 2016. (in Japanese)

(論文)Hideaki FUJII(2016).‘An Evaluation Method of the Regulatory Reform of Japan’s Petroleum Industry since 1945-some problems of methodology -’, Economy of Consumption Research, vol.5, pp.24-38, The Japan Academy for Consumption Economy, Tokyo, Japan. (in Japanese)