Professor Cen Zhiwei

Area and Subject Taught Chinese Economic Theory
Research Theme(s) The theoretically and empirically analysis of the economic growth of China
Academic Degrees Doctor of Economics, Kyoto University
Keywords for Research Field Economic Growth, Rent Seeking, Corruption
Office Phone Number Not Public

Research Overview

The purpose of this research is to theoretically and empirically analyze influences of the government, state (public) companies, and monopoly companies on economic growth by taking the Chinese economy as a research object and applying the Rent-Seeking problem (public economics), which seems to exist as an actuality in economic activities, to the growth models (endogenous growth theory) of R&D investment and public expenditure. Discussion on the research is based on the following concerns. If companies insist on their own success and profit in economic activities of R&D investment and public expenditure by means of a political measure (Rent-Seeking) exploiting market imperfection, the effect on long-term growth to be exerted by the R&D investment and public expenditure will be limited. Furthermore, governmental policies such as taxation and subsidy may not effectively function, resulting in unfair distribution of productive resources, which will adversely affect long-term growth. When we consider that the problems are more or less present in economic activities, this research will be able to provide an important message to society in practical ways.

Notable Publications and Works

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