Division of Economics

A detailed and flexible curriculum to meet various research needs.

The Division of Economics offers a pre-doctoral (master’s) program and a doctoral program. The master’s program aims to produce researchers, others with a high level of education, and a wide range of professionals, while the doctoral program is designed to produce independent researchers. Therefore, upon becoming a graduate student the most important thing is a sense of purpose regarding what one wishes to research.
A deep interest in economic issues, the determination to carry out research, and basic competency are requisite qualities.

In recent years, applicants to the Division of Economics have no longer been only graduates from the Faculty of Economics, but include a diverse range of individuals—some from other universities or other faculties, overseas students, or people with work experience returning to school to get an advanced degree. After completing the postgraduate work, the recent trend has been to go on to employment in a wide range of professions, not only as researchers. In response to this situation, the division offers a more flexible curriculum with the following four features.

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Basic courses in economics and language

Basic courses in the theory of microeconomics and macroeconomics allow students with no previous knowledge of economics to gain a solid understanding of the subject matter, while basic language courses are made available to improve language skills.

Course groupings designed for research continuity

Courses are arranged according to the three programs in the undergraduate faculty and designed for research continuity.

One-on-one guidance

The research guidance system allows a one-on-one relationship between research advisor and graduate student as much as possible.

Systematic support

Systematic support is provided to graduate students, which includes career path guidance and financial aid.

What the world needs from a graduate program today is the ability to deal appropriately with the growing number of problems encountered in research, and flexibility built into the program.

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