Flexible curriculum

Kyoto Sangyo University is a single campus in the Kamigamo area. KSU has developed a flexible curriculum beyond the domains of faculties and academic disciplines on the merit of one campus and through all faculties and graduate schools.

Development of inter-faculty curricular

People with flexible judgment and a broad perspective are desired in today's complicated modern societies. On the merit of having all faculties and graduate schools on one campus, KSU has developed unique education programs through which students can attain multifaceted knowledge needed to respond to demands in society by studying courses that several faculties offer. We expect that students will gain a positive attitude toward problem solving by applying themselves through this flexible curriculum.

Two programs, seven fields

We need to think from both interdisciplinary and professional aspects toward the resolution of problems in today’s society. In the inter-faculties program, which unites courses of faculties organically and systematically, students can reach an interdisciplinary perspective by connecting the knowledge of their major with that of other fields.
KSU also offers subject-based programs for students who have clear goals.

Inter-faculties program

Program for court interpreters

The Faculties of Law and Foreign Languages offer this program in order to foster court interpreters and police officers who possess a deep understanding of languages as well as knowledge about the justice system and criminal procedures. This program is of assistance to students aiming to work at judicial branches or governmental agencies that interact with foreign people, for example immigration officers and prison guards.

Program for experts in intellectual property management

The Faculties of Law and Science offer this program in order to foster experts who can protect and exploit intellectual properties based an international laws. Intellectual property holds an important role for the development of economy and enriching cultures in developed countries.

Program for specialists in personnel and labor affairs

The Faculties of Law and Business Administration offer this program in order to foster specialists who care about personnel based on a deep understanding of human resource management and labor affairs. This program is helpful for students who wish to work toward qualifications as labor and social security attorneys or who wish to work in personnel or general affairs departments in corporations.

Subject-based programs

Program for librarians

We offer this program for students who wish to work as qualified librarians in public or private libraries.

Program for teacher librarians

Qualified teacher librarians take important roles in schools as curriculum leaders and information specialists as well as information service managers. This course is offered for students who hope to work at schools and attain qualifications as teacher librarians.

Program for curators

This program is offered to students interested in a career as a curator, indispensable specialists at galleries and museums. It is possible for students to acquire a license by attaining required credits.

Step-up program for foreign language skills
(Program for improving foreign language skills)

This program is for students who wish to improve their foreign language and communication skills in order to work in global situations. We offer programs in 8 languages: German, French, Russian, Chinese,Spanish, Indonesian, Italian,and Korean.