Opportunites for Exchange at KSU


CIP arranges volunteer buddies to aid exchange students in settling into their new lives in Japan, and to assist them with their studies. Buddies are initially asked to assist for the first two months after the exchange student's arrival, after which time, continuing to meet is the decision of the exchange student and tutor.

Club Activities

To maximise their student life experience at KSU, exchange students are encouraged to participate in university club activities, especially more traditional clubs such as Tea Ceremony, Japanese Calligraphy, Flower Arrangement, Aikido, and Karate. It is expected that by participating in lectures and student club activities, overseas students will have a chance to view Japanese society not as a visitor but as a member of the community. For more details, exchange students can ask their buddy to accompany them to Student Affairs where all details on clubs and circles is held.

Sagittarius Challenge Speech Contest

The annual Sagittarius Challenge English and Japanese Speech Contests, held in July, provide an excellent opportunity for students to develop their second language skills and share in an international forum their thoughts and experiences. The English contest is open to Japanese and international students, and the Japanese contest is open to all international students.