Research Fields :Topology
Degree: Doctor of Science (Osaka University)

Courses Taught

Experimental Mathematics A, B, Geometry A, B, Advanced Course in Geometry A, B, Advanced Studies in Mathematics 1 ,2, Teaching Method of Mathematics 1 ,2


Now I study the followings.

  • Theory of Transformation groups. In particular, isovariant maps between G representation spheres for a compact Lie group G and Borsuk-Ulam groups.
  • Theory of finite topological spaces. In particular, to study applications of finite topological spaces to algebraic or combinatorial topology.
  • Development of computer software for mathematical education with graphical interfaces.

Selected Publications

  • Fumihiro Ushitaki, A note on SK [G)of a finite solvable periodic group G Acta Humanistica et Scientifica Universitatus Sangio Kyotiensis, Natural Science Series I, 25, 1996
  • Fumihiro Ushitaki, On G h cobordisms between G homotopy spheres, Osaka Journal of Mathematics, 31(3), 1994
  • Fumihiro Ushitaki, A generalization of a theorem of Milnor, Osaka Journal of Mathematics, 31(2), 1994
  • Fumihiro Ushitaki, SK [G)of finite solvable groups which act linearly and freely on spheres, Osaka Journal of Mathematics, 28(2), 1991
  • Fumihiro Ushitaki, On Extensions of Non-linear Actions on Spheres, Springer Lecture Notes in Math., vol.1375, 1989