Research Fields :Probability Theory, Computability in Analysis
A Degree:Doctor of Science (Hiroshima University)

Courses Taught

Combinatorics and Probability, Mathematical Finace, Pre-Seminar D, SeminarI, SeminarII-1・2


  1. The effective sequence of uniformities and its limit: as a methodology in computable analysis, Annals of the Japan Association for Philosophy and Science, vol.15, 2007 (with M. Yasugi and T. Mori)
  2. Fine computable functions and effective Fine convergence, Proceedings of Computability and Complexity in Analysis 2005, pp.117-198,2005. (with M. Yasugi and T. Mori)
  3. Sequential Computability of a Function- Effective Fine space and limiting recursion, Journal of Universal Computer Science, vol.11, pp.2179-2191, 2005.(with M. Yasugi and T. Mori) 4. Sequential Computability of a Function-Diagonal Space and Limiting Recurtion, Proceedings of Computability and Complexity in Analysis 2004,ENTCS,120,pp.187-199,2005.(with M. Yasugi and T. Mori) 5. Computability of a function with jumps -- Effective uniformity and limiting recurtion", Topology and its Applications, vol.146-147,pp.563-582,2005..(with M. Yasugi)

Selected Publications

  • Two Notions of Sequential Computability of a Function with Jumps,in: Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science 66, No.1, 2002.(with M. Yasugi)
  • Metrization of the Uniform Space and Effective Convergence, in: Mathematical Logic Quarterly vol.48, pp.123-130, 2002.(with M. Yasugi and T. Mori)
  • Some Properties of the Effective Uniform Topological Space, in: Computability and Complexity in Analysis, (LNCS 2064 Springer) pp.336-356, 2001.(with M. Yasugi and T. Mori)
  • Effective properties of sets and functions in metric spaces with computability structure, in: Theoretical Computer Science vol.219, pp.467-486, 1999.(with M. Yasugi and T. Mori)
  • Computability structures on metric spaces, in: Combinatorics, Complexity and Logic (Proceedings of DMTCS'96,Springer), pp. 351-362, 1997.(with M. Yasugi and T. Mori)